Mathematics and Logic, Kac & Ulam

My notes.

List of typos (probably incomplete, possibly containing my own errors):
pg 7, algebraic numbers are enumerable is not proved, just algebraic eqns, need one more step
pg 8, could be 14/10
pg 9, should restrict q to be positive, since the inequality is opposite if q negative and n odd
pg 10, should be q_m^n not q_m^2
pg 18-19, what is T such that T(C) a circle and not an ellipse?
pg 33, should be p(2)x^2+...
pg 31, should be "merely states that r(m)>=1"
pg 36, flips end in T and end in H
pg 50, defines ``completely'' additive measure, but later uses ``countably''
pg 58, theorem for polynomial functions had proof for general functions
pg 66, \sigma should have subscript i
pg 66, k-1 dimensional simplices should all have power (k-1)
pg 79, the matrix is transposed (ie the indices should be swapped)
pg 81, missing ^2
pg 105, h1 and h2 should have two arguments each
pg 147, earth moves faster in the winter when it is closer to the sun?